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Unlocking the potential of cutting-edge technologies for accurate and thorough inspections you can rely on.

Ultrasonic Testing

Utilizes advanced ultrasonic technology to inspect and evaluate the integrity of materials. High-frequency sound waves are transmitted into the material, and reflections or echoes are analyzed to detect flaws, measure material thickness, and assess structural integrity. Our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment ensure accurate and reliable results, providing valuable insights.

Magnetic Particle Testing

Aarudra offers reliable magnetic particle testing services to detect surface and near-surface defects in ferromagnetic materials. By applying magnetic fields and iron particles, we ensure the integrity and safety of critical components in various industries, providing accurate inspections and quality assurance. Trust Aarudra for thorough and precise magnetic particle testing.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

We provide comprehensive liquid penetrant testing services to identify surface defects in materials. By applying a liquid penetrant and using visual inspection techniques, we ensure a thorough examination and accurate detection of flaws. Our expertise in this non-destructive testing method guarantees quality assurance for various industries.

Hardness Testing

Specializes in hardness testing services, evaluating the mechanical properties of materials. We use precise techniques to measure material hardness, ensuring compliance with industry standards and assessing suitability for specific applications. Our thorough evaluations provide valuable insights for quality control and performance optimization in various industries. Trust Aarudra for accurate and reliable hardness testing.

Ultrasonic Thickness Check

We utilize advanced ultrasonic technology to accurately measure material thickness accurately, identifying potential corrosion or erosion. This non-invasive technique ensures the structural integrity of components, providing crucial data for maintenance, safety, and compliance purposes, and aiding in preventing costly failures or downtime.

Radiographic Film Interpretation

Aarudra’s skilled professionals analyze radiographic films to detect internal defects such as cracks, voids, or inclusions. This technique allows for precise weld quality evaluation, structural integrity, and component reliability. Accurate interpretation helps ensure safety and compliance with industry standards.


Our welding services encompass comprehensive inspection, evaluation, and testing of welds. Using advanced techniques such as visual inspection, ultrasonic examination, and radiographic testing, Aarudra ensures that welds meet the highest quality standards, providing reliable and durable joints for various applications in diverse industries.

Raw Materials

Aarudra conducts thorough inspections and assessments of raw materials used in manufacturing processes. This includes verification of material composition, mechanical properties, and overall quality. By ensuring the reliability of raw materials, Aarudra helps businesses maintain consistent product quality, and meet industry standards.

Inspection services

Offers comprehensive inspection services across various industries. Our experienced team conducts thorough inspections, including dimensional checks, NDT testing, hardness testing, and painting inspections. We ensure compliance with industry standards, identify defects, and provide detailed reports, ensuring the quality and integrity of components and structures. Trust Aarudra for reliable and accurate inspection services.

document control

We provide efficient document control services to ensure the organization and management of technical documents. We assist in maintaining accurate records, tracking revisions, and ensuring document accessibility. Our dedicated team ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards, streamlining document processes and enhancing project efficiency. Trust Aarudra for reliable and effective document control solutions.
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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Make-Modsonic Model-Einstein-II DGS Qty-2 Nos All kind of Probes available. Also we have special probes for not seating testing parts.

Yoke for Magnetic Particle Testing

Make-SIMS Operating Voltage-230V Qty-2 Nos

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

Make-EECI Model-ETM-3 Thickness Range-0.1mm to 200mm Qty-1 No

Liquid Penetrant Testing Sprays

Portable Hardness Tester

Make-Digital Portable Hardness Tester Model-ITI-160 (P) Qty-1 No

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